Upcoming Assignments: 


Due Wednesday August 31st: 

Please prepare a poster board about you, this will be taped to the front of your desk to help me and your fellow classmates get an idea of who you are. You can include information such as; your family, heritage, hobbies, what you hope to learn this year, and what  you hope to do when you grow up. This is your first assignment and will be graded on presentation, neatness, and overall organization. It will stay on your desk for the rest of the school year. Lateness will result in an automatic deduction of 10 points. Please make it eye catching and include pictures! Can't wait to see what you come up with! -Ms. Abu Ata 


Due Friday September 1st: 

Math: please detach page 13 from your math workbook and complete the questions, please include your scratch paper in which you did your calculations on with your worksheet. No scratch paper is an automatic deduction of 10 points. Parents please ensure your child is not using a calculator and is doing the calculations on a separate paper. 

Social Science:please continue labeling the worksheet on the 50 states if you did not finish in class.